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Press Coverage

Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club have sought praise in newspapers in the south throughout its successful history. You are more than welcome to have a read, just click on the images to see a larger cutout.

[Article Date: 23rd June 2007]

An article from the Bournemouth Daily Echo with a report on the club competing in the Legend Championships 2007.

[Article Date: November 1998]

A report on the 6th Gichin Funokoshi Invitational World Shotokan Championships.

[Article Date: April 1998]

Press article from the European Championships in Monchengladbach, Germany.

[Article Date: November 1996]

Article from the 4th Gichin Funokoshi Invitational World Shotokan Championships held at the Littledown Sports Centre, Bournemouth.

[Article Date: 1995]

A report before Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club took students for a training course in Romania, to train with with their national squad.

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