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Want to Start?

At Kanku Karate we practice a traditional style of karate called Shotokan. This is the oldest style of Japanese Karate and our instructors have studied under the top karate masters in the world. True Karate has been referred to as Moving Zen indicating its physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

The club was established 40 years ago and the Chief Instructor Sensei Gerry Breeze 7th Dan has been instructing here continuously for that period.

Our aim is to offer a high level of disciplined technical instruction, combined with Japanese ‘fighting spirit’, so that each of us can achieve to our maximum. The club Instructors all place great emphasis on their own training and development so the club never stands still.

We have regular training sessions with other clubs; we hold gradings every three months where students can take tests to progress through the belt system, culminating in obtaining 1st Dan when the black belt is awarded. Club members enter competitions when they are ready to try their hand in a competitive environment.

A Typical Lesson

  • Everybody bows in the traditional manner and recites the Dojo Kun (Training Precepts)
  • 10 minute warm up and stretching exercises
  • Basic punching
The instructor then structures the lesson and the three main areas of Karate are practised, these are:
  • Kihon - Basic moves are numerous but including Punching, Kicking and Blocking.
  • Kata - A series of prearranged moves incorporating Punching, Kicking and Blocking.
  • Kumite - Paired up drills that eventually, through graduated training, lead to free fighting.
The lesson ends with another formal bow. (Bowing is part of Karate etiquette, it demonstrates respect for others).

A Little More Info...

If you have never tried a Martial Art before you may find the moves strange and they will take some getting used to. When moves are executed in Karate we do so from set stances, you will be shown the correct positioning of your feet, legs, body and arms for each move.

You will hear people ‘shouting’, this is the Traditional Karate ‘Kia!’. At first when you try this you may feel self conscious, but it is an important part of developing ‘Spirit’, it also aids the development of power and mental focus when executing techniques.

During the lesson students do not speak, this ensures that everybody can maintain the high levels of concentration required. Self-control is an important aspect of Karate that can be used in many different situations outside of the dojo (training hall).

You will not be thrown in at the deep end and the instructing team will be pleased to talk about your development before or after lessons. If you are not sure or are unhappy about something please tell us. Don’t worry, Japanese terminology will be explained as you go along. We want you to get the most out of your Karate and for Karate to become something that pervades your daily life. Enjoy your training – The harder you train the more you will get from Karate.

What Do I Do Next?

If you feel that Shotokan Karate is for you, or you would like to give it a go, then visit our contact page here to find out where we are, and how to enquire.

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