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[Date posted: 13th February 2009]

A reminder to all students that there is no training at the club this coming Monday 16th February.

[Date posted: 5th January 2009]

Happy New Year from Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club! We hope 2009 is a good year for everyone and you all had a great Christmas.

[Date posted: 24th October 2008]

Another three months has passed and another grading took place at the regional's Littledown Centre in Bournemouth. Well done to everyone that took their grading!

[Date posted: 24th July 2008]

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading this month at the Littledown Centre!

[Date posted: 13th July 2008]

Many thanks to all students, family and friends that took part in both the Bournemouth World Food Festival's demonstration and parade through Charminster.

[Date posted: 8th July 2008]

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the Winton Carnvial demonstration this year. We have another couple of demo's planned this year, and hope they go as well as this one!

Keep checking the website for pictures and videos of the events as they will be put on shortly!

[Date posted: 30th April 2008]

Check out the latest Galleries section to the website.

[Date posted: 27th April 2008]

Congratulations to all that recently passed their kyu grading!

[Date posted: 7th March 2008]

The next club training and grading has been arranged for Sunday 6th April at the Littledown Centre. See the Calendar page for more information.

[Date posted: 13th February 2008]

Sensei Colin Putt, 5th Dan, from Devonport Shotokan Karate Club was in the local area of Bournemouth this week and took the senior class. The advanced teachings of the lesson were thoroughly enjoyed by all, and we hope he visits again soon!

[Date posted: 25th January 2008]

The 2008 Calendar has been released! Click here to see the list of events so far. There are also a few dates in the year where training at the club will not take place (these do not include Bank Holidays):

18th February
21st April
28th July
27th October

Training will still take place but not at the club, speak to Kayhan for more information.

[Date posted: 7th January 2008]

Bournemouth's local radio station, Fire 107.6FM, train at Bournemouth Kanku!

The Fire's Dave and Claire joined in with the nights training session being taken through the warmup, basic punching, kicking, stances and Shotokan etiquette. We hope they enjoyed the training and look forward to seeing them again!

[Date posted: 3rd January 2008]

Happy New Year from all at Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club. Training starts back on Monday 7th January at the usual place. See you all there!

[Date posted: 20th December 2007]

The Junior Student of the Year and Runner Up awards were decided this week. Sebastian Mersey was deservadly awarded the price, most notibly for his impressive commitment to the club and his attitude towards training. Hermoine Mason took the runner up award.

[Date posted: 19th December 2007]

Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club would like to congratulate all Kanku members who took part in the FBSKU(I) Christmas Competition. Another well done also goes to all the students that passed their grading this month.

[Date posted: 20th November 2007]

Congratulations to all Kanku Karate Club members who took part in the 37th Portsmouth Shotokan Open. Juniors Ethan Major, Hermione Mason and Nienna Dominey performed a very good Heian Nidan in the Team Kata Event.

Senior Adrian Martin (6th Kyu) took gold in the Individual Kata event for his category and David Smith won 3rd place in the Brown Belt Kumite. Dan grades Kayhan Sefat, Mark Hawkins and Ryan Scoats took 3rd place whilst representing Bournemouth Kanku in the team event.

[Date posted: 1st November 2007]

Check out the latest Videos section. Here you can watch current and old footage of Kanku students in action!

[Date posted: 16th October 2007]

The FBSKU(I) Gasshaku is now not very far away! Previous courses in Spain have always been thoroughly enjoyed by all, and it will give you the chance to train with other members in the association.

If you are interested in attending then please speak to Sensei Breeze or Kayhan.

[Date posted: 28th September 2007]

A reminder to all students that there is NO training this Monday, 1st October. Normal sessions will resume on Thursday 4th October.

[Date posted: 26th September 2007]

A big congratulations and well done goes to everyone who took their grading at the Littledown Centre. Sensei Breeze described the grading as one of the best gradings he has seen.

[Date posted: 25th September 2007]

Pictures from the FBSKU(I) run Sensei George Best and Sensei Owen Murray courses are now available. Kanku members Kayhan Sefat, Ryan Scoats, Clint Ford and Chris Bailey attended the courses. Please click the thumbnails below.

[Date posted: 17th September 2007]

The Club grading is THIS SATURDAY at the Littledown Centre. Photographs from the Sensei George Best and Sensei Owen Murray courses are available if you wish to have a copy of them! Sensei Elwyn Hall photos will be available soon.

[Date posted: 17th July 2007]

There is a new section to www.kanku.org. The Members Page provides information to our students. If there is anything that you would like to see in this area then please let us know!

[Date posted: 7th July 2007]

Another new section has been added to the Kanku site! The Press Coverage area shows reports from when the club has been in local newspapers.

[Date posted: 1st July 2007]

There is a new section to the Kanku Website. The News Archive contains news that is no longer considered new news!

[Date posted: 16th June 2007]

Congratulations to all Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club members that passed their grading at the Littledown Sports Centre.

[Date posted: 5th June 2007]

The Bournemouth Kanku tracksuit tops have arrived! If you would like one, please ask Sensei Breeze, Mark or Kayhan.

[Date posted: 14th May 2007]

Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club attended the Shobu-Ippon International Shotokan Open on 12th May.

All the club members fought well with the correct attitude and spirit going into the competition, and particular praise is given to Chris Bailey (8th Kyu) and Adrian Martin (8th Kyu). Chris fought extremely well in the individual kumite category in his first competition for the club and Adrian won the individual kata category. Adrian also held his own superbly in the Bournemouth Kanku Team Kumite against a 3rd Dan of great experience.

[Date posted: 27th March 2007]

Congratulations to all Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club members who attended the 7th Legend Shotokan Open Championships on 25th March.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that helped setup the competition and who helped on the day.

[Date posted: 17th January 2007]

The calendar page has been updated for 2007. Click here to see the scheduled Courses, Dan Gradings and Competitions.

[Date posted: 9th January 2007]

Happy New Year to all and we hope you had a good Christmas!

Club training has continued as usual and the next All Grade Course is on Sunday 21st January 2007, to be held in Melksham. For more details please contact Sensei Breeze.

A full list of events will be published on the Calendar page soon.

[Date posted: 22nd December 2006]

Congratulations to our Students of the Year for 2006!

Christian Mersey won the Junior award and Nienna Dominey came runner up. Emma Sweeney took the Senior equivalent with Maria Sethre coming in as runner up.

The awards are not only given to the students who improve the most throughout the year, but correct attitute, discipline and regular attendance all play a part in the instructors' decision.

[Date posted: 7th December 2006]

The date for the Club Course and Grading has changed, it is now on Sunday 17th December at the Littledown Centre, Bournemouth.

[Date posted: 6th December 2006]

Bournemouth Kanku Karate Club is now registered on YouTube under the name bournemouthshotokan!

Click here to go to the listed videos
Click here to go to the channel

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