Sensei Breeze

Sensei Breeze


Sensei Gerry Breeze training life and experience comes with 47 years of top Japanese Instruction, training under such people as Kanawaza his first Instructor, followed by Enoeda, Tomita, Osaka, Tanaka, Takahashi, Sumi, Yahara, Abe, Asai, Ohta, Kagawa, Kase, Uke, and even Nakayama Sensei on his one time visit to England. The list is endless. The late Sensei Enoeda being his Chief Instructor for over 30 Years.

Sensei Breeze started training in 1965 in Bournemouth and has been in his present dojo for 46 years. The Bournemouth Kanku Shotokan Karate Club.

Sensei Breeze has become a renowned International Instructor, teaching the original art of JKA Nakayama Shotokan Karate and has been travelling to Romania, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Belgium, Sultan of Oman, Portugal and many other countries.

Sensei Breeze has spent the last 30 years studying all the JKA Nakayama Kata. He has extensive knowledge of kata, which he teaches around the world and wonders why some Instructor’s want to reinvent the wheel, by changing little things in kata.

Sensei Breeze is Technical Director to the FBSKUI and the SKDUN. He is a founder member of the SKDUN Gichin Funakoshi World Shotokan Karate Championships, which is held in different countries each year. These championships started in Bournemouth, (his hometown) England in 1993, with six countries. It was then decided in 1999, to move it around the world, where it’s grown in size and now being one of the largest Traditional Shobu Ippon Shotokan World Championships in the world. By Sensei Breeze.

We mourn the passing of our great masters, who were our mentors and who, we knew and trained with, passing on their skills and attitudes to us. True Traditional Shotokan Karate is not only learning the true skills of fighting or sport, it’s about the individual, the self, it is an art. Learn the DOJO KUN and read Gichin Funakoshis 20 concepts. Sadly Sport Karate seems to dominate most Clubs of all styles, with the trophy becoming more important in the club. It’s a sad reflection in this modern day that the training has been watered down and in affective. Very few students of today have no commitment and certainly would not last today, in the type of training of the past. It is up to the old generation Instructor to pass on the martial spirit, the true roots of karate, as we were taught and should be taught now. I am 70 this year and I am still training and will continue training as long as I can.

If one trains properly, one can train into to old age. Age does not matter, whether it’s 20 minutes, an hour or an hour and half. One can always do something. I am fortunate that in my years of karate training, it has given me the chance to meet people at home and abroad, with the same values and now have become good friends. I hope all the students I have tried to help over the years are still training.

It does not matter how old you are, you will always be a student of karate as I am.

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